Client Satisfaction is Key at Rotolok

Published - 15th Mar 2019
400mm Stainless Steel RV-01 Australia

At Rotolok we, like any company, are always glad to receive feedback. It’s one of the main ways a company improves. It lets us know what we can do to make a better product and it also lets us know what we’re doing right. This is the kind of feedback everyone wants to here, especially when it comes to client satisfaction.

Not too long ago we dispatched a valve to a chemical company in the Russian Federation, then a few days ago we received an email from them. The below is taken from their email.

“We thank each and all of you for your efforts aimed at manufacturing and delivery of this equipment.

We look forward to start its operation and hope to continue our cooperation in the future.”

This kind of response is the best that a company can receive. It provides a boost to our team, knowing that their work is appreciated by the client as well as the prospect of future work with them. The valve that was supplied was of made of Stainless Steel with an adjustable rotor, also made of Stainless Steel. It is capable of handling up to 26m3 per hour of dry, free flowing granules.

(Pictured: Valve made with a Stainless Steel body and rotor, it is capable of handling 22m3/hour at 1100kgs/m3)

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