Rotolok’s New Easy Release Kleanlok

Published - 3rd Mar 2020
Rotolok's New Easy Release Kleanlok

All Kleanloks are constructed from cast stainless steel complete with stainless steel rotors with all internal and external surfaces fully machined. They are particularly popular in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry sectors.

Rotolok’s Hygienic Rotary Kleanlok is a staple of their product range and their new Easy Release model is a natural extension of it. The Easy Release rail system has already proven itself on our standard Rotary Valves as an effective and simple solution that eases cleaning and maintenance. The Easy Release function is simple and easy to use, so much so that it can be done by a single person reducing the amount of man power required to perform cleaning.

Once the end cover has been unscrewed from the body it simply slides out on the rails with the Rotor attached. From here it is easy to clean the rotor, rotating it as needed to ensure that all blades and pockets are thoroughly cleaned.

The internals of the body can also be accessed while the rotor has been removed. Then when the internals have been cleaned, all that is left to do is slide the rotor back in and screw the end cover back to the body then normal operation can resume.

Customers using Rotolok’s Easy Release Kleanlok enjoy increased ease of cleaning and maintenance saving both time and costs. Standard range sizes 100mm to 250mm diameter and can be extended to customer needs as necessary.

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